McArthurs photo

Taken from stage at McArthur's in Pleasantville, November 21st, 2007.

Here's a guy who played a big part in my musical history. Charlie Cornacchio (left). Some of you remember that I played with a band called Circus for about 20 years, and Charlie was the lead singer/bass player. I joined his band 5 o'clock shadow, for a Lobster Fest in Poughkeepsie on Sunday Sept. 23rd.

Northern Westchester Hospital event being held at the Reader’s Digest Auditorium in Chappaqua, NY. Brian Tarner on bass, Ray Karaman on drums and me on the gitter. Thanks to Kerry Flynn - Barrett from NWH for hiring us and being such a huge supporter of my music.

Nice shot of Ray Karaman at the NWH event. Love the blurry stick! NWH brought in an amazing sound system for the night and the drums sounded especially sweet.

That’s my pal Brian Tarner. It’s rare to see him smile during a performance. I must have done something stupid like drop my pick, capo or forget my lyrics.

Now here’s a pair of characters. The dynamic duo of Joe Mennonna and Mark Shepard, 2 of my closest friends. This is Joe’s recording studio. I was playing guitar on one of Mark’s cuts called Dare To Be. I’ve got to tell you, these are 2 of the most talented dudes you’ll ever come across. Here’s a link to their web sites Some of you may remember Mark playing for the Northern Westchester Center for the Arts concert back in 2005. Here are some links for you...
- Private Island Music (Joe Mennonna)
- Mark Shepard

This is the LCR Priaseband during the Art Fair we played at on June 2nd. I played drums with this wonderful group of people until July of 2007. L to R: Todd Cody (band leader), Eduardo Trigueros (congas), Roo Streich (guitar & vocals), Jack Horner (guitar & vocals), Gail Dietz (guitar, bass & vocals). Missing is Brian Tarner on bass and Lisa Moore on vocals. To visit the LCR website, click here.

Here we are at the Mount Kisco celebration day on May 20. We won the “Best Family Town in Westchester” award so they threw this big outdoor event and asked us to play. We did a nice quick (!) hour and a half set. Thanks to Suzanne Grant for thinking of us!

Another angle for you of the same gig. You can see Ray this time.

Playing on Mars, the red planet. Seriously, at Mount Kisco Elementary School for the Pasta Dinner night. To the right, the incredibly talented Roo Streich. It’s always awesome when Roo takes the stage. She’s just an absolutely amazing singer and performer.