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Song Title: Up To You
Download Song Here (mp3 format)

Recorded this one around 1989. This song was a complete experiment. I was learning to record using computers and midi, and needed a song to test it all out. I wanted to be able to record the drum parts, the bass parts and all the other keyboard stuff in my little condo in Carmel, then finish the rest of the tracks somewhere else. I was listening to an album by Paul Young at the time and I know that was a heavy influence. I tried to really stretch out on the bass track, using the modulation wheel to get some nice pitch bends that a standard bass couldn't do. That all happens toward the end of the song. Zzzzzzz. Sleeping yet?

Song Title: Star Child
Download Song Here (mp3 format)

This is a song I produced and recorded in May 2007 for an amazing singer named
Laurie Naughton from Somer's NY. Laurie and I played in a band called Circus together for many years. She has gone on to become a very sucessful voice-over talent as well as a singer for commercials and other music artists. She has sung many songs in my studio for artists such as Jack Woodbridge and Valerie Ciptak/Viera. I'd love to share some of those with you as well and I'm working on getting their permission to do so.

Song Title: I Give Up - recorded by Vinyl Schmegma
Download Song Here (mp3 format)

Around February of 2007, some of my best friends invited me to a nearby pub and took out a portable CD player, gave me the headphones and said "listen to this and try not to get offended bro." I couldn't imagine what it could possibly be. So click on the link above to hear exactly what I heard that night. I wish I had video of my face when it finally ocurred to me what it was they had done. Amazing job brothers. Thank YOU! Vinyl Schmegma is: Steve Blot, Steve Broussard, Doug Brown, Anthony Lonigro & Jim Passabet.

Song Title: Drummer Boy

Download Song Here (mp3 format)

I did this little version of the holiday classic as a gift to my fans during the 2006 holiday season. Download it, put it in your iPod, burn it to a CD, it's yours to enjoy.

Song Title: Cross My Heart

Download Song Here (mp3 format)

Put your seatbelt on for this one. This is very much unlike anything I've written lately. I've mellowed to say the least. After Ace Frehley used my song Insane for his solo releases, "Second Sighting" and "12 Picks", I wrote and recorded another song for him. I never actually sent it to him. Long story. Anyway, enjoy the amazing double bass drumming by Doug Brown and IGNORE the lyrics that I wrote specifically for Ace! I played and sang all the other parts.